WE’M Fanzine


Introducing a special edition of WE'M, where all possible arts melt:

a collection of expressions born in times of pandemia, confronting issues of crisis and isolation, the creation of new paths,

and the questioning of life. 

Join WE'M with your story, image, poem, song,

or any other expression created now, in response to this moment. 

Every voice will find its space within WE’M’s creative frame.  Collaborative production is warmly suggested, as a deeper layer of enquiry into ourselves and our world.

Draw on your friend’s words, write on your mate’s photography, or just send us your creation and watch how it weaves into an open dialogue with other expressions that will gather.

The magazine will be created page by page, step by step.

You are invited to be part of this creative process as the book writes itself: we will publish the first creations as we receive them, on the WE’M website, Instagram and, eventually in a printed version.

We believe that art is a process with no beginning and never ending, growing with the impulses and creations of others. 

In support of this we are implementing Creative Commons Copyright, thereby leaving our work open for further use and adaptation

(for strictly non-commercial purposes). 

Artistic credit will therefore always be present and any new creations appearing under the identical terms.

Participating in WE’M implies accepting those terms.

What is WE'M?

WE’M is a manifestation of integrated art. 

WE stands for community; ‘M for individuality - ‘I AM’.

We are creators connected in one society. Art is the language of human expression that weaves these connections through society's fabric.

As poems merge with paintings, and music becomes a dance,

we see there are no limits to this expression.

WE’M stands for truth, for positive social transformation,

for equality and empathy.

I see you in my eyes because I AM WE.

Who is behind WE'M?

WE’M is an informal collective of artists and activists from all over the world, who just at this moment met at the same time and place, converging thanks to the European Solidarity Corps Project.  

Join us, and co-create it.

Apply now!

Send your work to: we.m.zine@gmail.com

Don’t forget: title, artist name, medium, website/instagram, statement/short bio and whether or not you’d like to be included in the artist index (if so, please include a personal photo).

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